Become the teacher that today’s children are seeking.

Develop your imagination to be able to nurture the growing minds of the children you are teaching.

Develop your hidden abilities so that you can educate in a way that develops the whole child.

Discover the inspirations that will enable you to become an inspiring teacher.

Deepen your understanding of child development to accompany the processes of the growing child.

In our rapidly changing world today’s children are looking for new qualities and depths in their teachers. Our program is designed to awaken the teacher in you that is able to meet and inspire these young people.

We provide an in-depth study of the philosophical foundation of Waldorf education, intensive artistic experience as a path of self-development, and the skills needed to practice the art and science of Waldorf pedagogy.

The Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training offers an independent three-year, part-time program which leads to an internationally recognized certificate in Waldorf teaching.

“This teacher training was a transforming experience for me.  In addition to discovering the vast richness of the Waldorf curriculum, I went through a transformation in my artistic, personal and spiritual striving.  My growth and transformation continue with each year of teaching.”

- Meg Weber-Gil
Class of 2002
Teacher, Marin Waldorf School