Summer Program

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Summer Program

Updated: Mar 9, 2020


Please Save the Date: June 22-July 11, 2020
Registration Opens Soon!

Every summer, the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training offers a number of professional development and renewal through the arts programs open to the greater Waldorf community and the public. All summer courses take place at the Marin Waldorf School in San Rafael, CA.

  • Birth to Three: Meeting the Young Child Today (June 22-26, 2020; $450)
  • A Manifestation of the World Etheric: The Sacred/Cosmic Geometry of Our Solar System (June 22-26, 2020; $300)
  • Foundation Studies & Teacher Training Taster Course (June 24-26, 2020; $350)
  • Building the Vessel: Early Childhood Rejuvenation (June 29-July 3, 2020; $450)
  • Make a Large Serving Spoon from Scratch (June 29-July 3, 2020; $250)
  • The Teacher Re-membered: Lower Grades Class Teacher Rejuvenation (June 29-July 3, 2020; $450)
  • The Teacher Renaissance: Upper Grades Class Teacher Rejuvenation (July 6-10, 2020; $450)
  • Between Image and Abstraction: Healing Through Art III (July 6-11, 2020; $450)

For more details, please click on our Summer Program brochure.

Please contact Tiffany Lee at or at 415-479-4400 x0 with any questions.

For information about childcare, please click here.

Please click here for information about the Marin Waldorf School neighborhood and for a campus map.

This year, Stacy Ito will be in charge of our summer lunch program and will be offering a limited number of lunches each day. The cost is $15 per lunch, and she will be offering seasonal vegetarian fare with animal and dairy protein on the side (and will always try to offer a gluten free option as well).


To secure your lunch order, please purchase lunch tickets in advance. To do so, you may submit a PayPal payment to Stacy using her email address:

In the PayPal notes section, please indicate which dates you are purchasing lunch for, and please be sure to include payment for $15 per lunch. For example, 5 days of lunches would be $75 (5 lunches x $15); 3 days of lunches would be $45 (3 lunches x $15), 1 day of lunch would be $15, etc.


Lunch tickets are also available on a first come, first served basis each Monday of the Summer Program during the 10am snack break, so you may purchase them from Stacey at that time.

If you have any questions, please contact Stacy directly at or 707-206-2164.

There are also various lunch options within a close driving distance, or you may also bring a bag lunch (one that doesn’t need to be refrigerated). Snack and coffee will also be provided as part of your course fee during the breaks each day.

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