Summer Program

Updated: April 7, 2023

Summer Program 2023

Every summer, the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training offers a number of professional development and renewal through the arts programs open to the greater Waldorf community and the public. If you would like to receive our newsletter with news and updates on our upcoming programs and events, please fill out the form on our Contact page.

June 16-18:

Healing Through Singing Workshop

June 19-23:

Early Childhood Teacher Rejuvenation

June 19-23:

Grades 1-5 Teacher Rejuvenation

June 26-30:

Grades 6-8 Teacher Rejuvenation

June 26-28:

Child Study Course

July 1:

Creative Speech Workshop

This year we are very happy to have Nancy Mellon as our guide for both weeks of the Grades Rejuvenations, and as a contributor to the Early Childhood Rejuvenation week. Nancy will bring her years of deep experience as a creator of stories to enrich and re-enliven our storytelling abilities and support us in renewing the curriculum.

Join our summer program to remember why you love this work, to nourish yourself, and to collaborate with your colleagues in creating a learning environment filled with vigor, warmth, and enthusiasm for today’s children!

This year we are pleased to announce that all members of our talented visiting summer faculty will be back: Christiaan Boele (Singing), Sibylle Eichstaedt (Speech), Paolo Carini (Science), and Patrick Marooney (Form Drawing).

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