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Summer Program

Updated: June 7, 2024

Every summer, the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training offers a number of professional development and renewal through the arts programs open to the greater Waldorf community and the public. If you would like to receive our newsletter with news and updates on our upcoming programs and events, please fill out the form on our Contact page.

Summer Programs 2024

Providing enlivening, inspiring summer courses since 2001.

Teacher Rejuvenation Courses 2024

In-person on the beautiful Marin Waldorf School campus in San rafael, CA

Join us this summer to nourish yourself, and to collaborate with your colleagues in creating a learning environment filled with vigor, warmth, and enthusiasm for today’s children!

Each year, we invite lead presenters to share insights on a theme of current relevance for teachers in Waldorf schools. In addition, our team of experienced teachers will share their knowledge with each grades track, ensuring you receive a wide range of perspectives and practical support. Over the course of the week, an understanding of the essential developmental motifs and learning in­tentions for each grade will be built to anchor you in your year.

Grades Track Teachers: David French, Laurence Jaquet, Ramona Budrys, Lynn Turner, Anna Rainville, Kristine Deason, Jeff Loubet, Ken Smith

Specialist Arts Faculty: Christiaan Boele (Singing), Christine Burke (Speech), Monika Leitz and Karen Gallagher (Eurythmy), Andrea Pronto (Music, Grades 1-5)

June 17-21: Grades 1 through 5

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This year, we are very happy to have Warren Lee Cohen leading our lower grades week. Warren will help us to understand the joys, perils, and successful pathways towards innovating the Waldorf curriculum and the need to bring about outer change through inner work. He will share his years of experience both as a class teacher and as a former director of the Waldorf teacher train­ing program in Toronto, Canada.

Class Schedules

June 24-28: Grades 6 through 8

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During the upper grades week, Paolo Carini will focus on the importance of the inner attitude of the teacher towards the sciences, specifically: What is the right balance of information, enthusiasm, and practical experiences that the class teacher should aim for? The upper grades invite the class teacher to awaken and deepen their own connection to the scientific outlook and espe­cially to build a relationship to modern science that has moved beyond a ma­terialistic worldview. As we lead the middle schooler into a more concrete un­derstanding of the world, we must be careful in these first steps of laying the groundwork for contemporary and future understanding.

Class Schedules

June 17-21: Early Childhood Rejuvenation

Nourishing Narratives: Deepening Our Relationship with Archetypes in Our Circle and Story Work

with Keynote Speaker Lynn Turner

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Universal truths live within archetypes. Waldorf Early Childhood educators draw inspiration from this wellspring of knowledge. Expanding our perspective of the archetypes allows us to create and nurture a community of belonging for our children, our families, and ourselves.

Join us this summer as we find our way back to our roots and develop a new and evolving North American perspective of this global and cosmic wisdom. Living into the archetypes, we will explore the rich diversity of stories and the joyful movement of circle.

Program Leaders: Diane David and Anna Rainville. Singing with Christiaan Boele, Speech with Christine Burke, Music with Andrea Pronto, and Eurythmy with Karen Gallagher.

Lynn Turner (she/her)

Lynn is a native Washingtonian, wife, and mother of two children. She is of mixed heritage and the proud descendant of   enslaved African American people. She has been a culturally responsive early childhood educator, teacher trainer, and leader in the movement of Waldorf education in Northern America for over thirteen years. Lynn holds a BA in Fine Arts and a MAT in Early Childhood Education, and received her Waldorf Early Childhood Teaching Certificate in 2017. Lynn has been published in Gateways and has been a workshop presenter and keynote speaker at recent WECAN conferences. She was the Director and Core Faculty member of the Great Lakes Waldorf Institute, Early Childhood Training Cohort from 2020-2023. She is currently a second-year student in the Biography as Social Arts Training and currently serves as a WECAN Coordinator of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access.

Class Schedule

Early Childhood Rejuvenation Schedule

Public Workshops

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June 14-16: Healing Through Singing with Christiaan Boele, Cost: $300

June 22: The Art of Speech with Christine Burke, Cost: $200

June24-26: Light & Darkness with Pamela Whitman, Cost: $150

June 26-28: Parent and Child Teacher Rejuvenation with Keynote Presenter Kate Hammond, Cost: $300

June 27-28: The Art of Veil Painting with Carla Schaareman, Cost: $100

July 1-5: The Art of Veil Painting with Carla Schaareman, Cost: $250

July 1-5: Form Drawing with Patrick Marooney, Cost: $200

Please use this helpful guide for more information about our summer program location at the Marin Waldorf School and resources in the surrounding area.

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