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Rudolf Steiner

Updated: May 20, 2020

Rudolf Steiner


Born in Austria, Rudolf Steiner was a scholar of scientific, literary and philosophical interests. A prolific author, he initiated or furthered innovative approaches to a variety of human endeavors.

Trained in the sciences, Rudolf Steiner was a holistic thinker whose research brought new impulses to many disciplines. In over six thousand lectures and dozens of books he articulated the basis for a renewal of agriculture (biodynamics), medicine, the arts, eurythmy (a movement art), philosophy, science, history and many other fields including of course, education and special education.

In view of the vast array of publications based on anthroposophy, the name given to Rudolf Steiner’s world view, and the range of books he authored, we offer a short recommended reading list, as well as the following links and references to his biography.

Explore the continuing influence of the life and work of Rudolf Steiner with these links.

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