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Foundation Studies

Updated: January 23, 2024

Foundation Studies

September – December 2024

Where is your life path taking you?

Do your hopes and intentions align with your daily life and work?

Our 13-week Foundation Studies program is designed to engage you in a process of shaping your individual life journey and reimagining who you are and how to take up positive change in the world.

It is time to search for a new direction.

It is time to question the assumptions upon which we base our life choices, to question the authority and inflexibility of our collective worldview, and to find alternatives to materialism and consumerism. Many challenges are at the forefront of our minds, signaling that a new approach is needed and calling for change: from the climate and environmental crisis, to rising mental health concerns in children and teens, to the realities of ongoing social injustices.

What is my role in the crises of our times?

Is there a path that enables me to become a catalyst for positive change and a healer of the worlds ills?

Willow Summer, BACWTT graduate, at Three Springs Community Farm, which she and her partner established in Bodega, CA.

In the Foundation Studies program, students and teachers come together to make connections, find colleagueship, and envision a holistic path forward. Teachers and practitioners introduce pathways into a wide range of practical work that can support our well-being and that of the planet, specifically: Waldorf education, Biodynamic agriculture, Anthroposophic medicine, artistic therapy and counseling, and economic reform through Threefold Social Renewal and Finance.

Natalie Studer, BACWTT graduate, leading children and parents in morning circle, Wildcat Canyon Community School.

Outer and Inner Well-Being

Since ancient times, people have sensed the interconnectedness of our inner life and the outer world, and how the well-being or illness of one is reflected in the other.

This program simultaneously engages students in two pathways of learning: developing health-bringing work in the world and developing healing practices for oneself. Students explore meditative exercises to find calm and bring inner balance, and engage in study of their own biography to uncover the threads and themes running through their life. Through art classes in music, painting, sculpture, and movement, they will engage in practices that are restorative and enlivening.

This program is informed by the original work of Rudolf Steiner, Waldorf education, and Anthroposophic practices around the world, as well as complimentary philosophies and practices that support a holistic view of the human being, nature, and spirit.


In-person Friday evenings and Saturdays for 13 weeks, beginning September 13th through December 14th, with one weekend off for the Thanksgiving break.

Program Structure

Opening Assembly – September 13th, 2024
Friday Evenings – 7:15-10pm
Saturdays – 9am-4pm
Closing Assembly – December 14th, 2024


The BACWTT office and weekend programs are located on the Wildcat Canyon Community School campus in El Sobrante, CA in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Certificate of Course Completion:

Completion of this program will entitle students to a Certificate of Course Completion issued by BACWTT. The course content and hours are recognized by AWSNA and WECAN as the Foundation Studies component of a Waldorf teacher training. Completion of this program allows students to continue into the 1st Year of the teacher training at BACWTT.

Course Leaders

Ken Smith is the Director of BACWTT. After working in Waldorf education, he taught as Course Leader of the Visual Arts and Sculpture Training program at Emerson College. He has been active internationally in Waldorf education and Anthroposophical art for over 25 years.

Liz Turkel Vose is a teaching artist with over 20 years of experience working with children and adults in the performing arts. She served as a Course Leader at the International School of Storytelling at Emerson College and has contributed pedagogically to several international arts education organizations. She currently teaches storytelling, voice, music and drama around the Bay Area.

Tuition Fee: $2500

Please inquire about our tuition assistance program.

For more information, please contact Tiffany Lee: tiffany@bacwtt.org | (415) 479-4400

If you are ready to register, please visit our Admissions page to complete the online or PDF application form.

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