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Updated: May 17, 2023

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2nd Cohort Beginning Summer 2023

Develop insights, artistic skills and practices
to bring art into the service of healing processes.

A 3-year postgraduate therapeutic visual arts program working out
of the Anthroposophical understanding of the human being.

Program Leaders: Pamela Whitman and Kenneth Smith

Multidisciplinary Visual Arts Program: Painting, Sculpture, Drawing, Crafts

The Healing Through Art program will guide students to build knowledge, skills, and sensitivity in a range of artistic mediums and practices. The core focus of the program is on color, light and darkness work and sculpture. In support of this, students will develop capacities in form drawing, geometrical drawing, and a number of crafts.

The intention is to develop knowledge of the healing potentials of a range of different activities and mediums, so that they may be included in one’s therapeutic practice.

Artistic work brings us into closer connection with ourselves and with nature. It opens and reveals the inner world through the colors, forms, tones, and lines that we create. It shows us to ourselves and allows us to see, to adjust, to balance, and harmonize.

Art becomes healing when the archetypal lawfulness of the medium and the integrity of the creative process are able to enter and work upon the human constitution and engage the self in activating life-giving forces.

Each artistic and craft activity addresses and works upon a particular aspect of the human being. Through the very nature of the activity, we are brought into alignment with and allow ourselves to be guided by the forces that stream through all of the world, including ourselves.

Part-Time Modular Course

Beginning in Summer 2022, the Healing Through Art program will meet in person two times per year (summer and spring) with monthly online classes and a program of weekly artistic assignments. The program will provide a minimum of 280 classroom hours plus an accompanying minimum of 280 hours of mentored, project-based work from home.*

The first cohort will begin in Summer 2022 and journey through the program before graduating in Spring 2025, before another cohort begins in Summer 2025.

*Requirements of iARTe accrediting body of the Goetheanum

A Three-Year Journey

The Healing Through Art program will guide students through a deepening process over three years from the hygienic and enlivening aspect of artistic activities into the deeper understanding of human nature, individual life journeys, and the ability to guide artistic therapies. The capacity to work artistically with others in a way that brings healing requires the development of many new personal abilities and sensitivities, knowledge, and practices. Each year supports the developing capacities that will provide a foundation for the following year.

Course Outline

Year 1                     Creating a Foundation

Introduction to foundational artistic practices in painting, light and darkness, and sculpture; introduction to Anthroposophic medicine and therapies; the human constitution.

Year 2                    Artistic Process as Healing Process

The 7-fold principle of developmental and metamorphic process and the relevance to the healing process; creating artistic process and sequence; biographical studies.

Year 3                    Art for the Individual

The 12-fold principle of centering, bringing perspective, and wholeness; the therapist-client relationship and artistic healing practice in a professional setting; placements, case studies.


The program will ensure that students acquire the following competencies:

· Ability to create artistic works in a range of disciplines, cultivate a personal artistic practice, and develop observational skills.

· Learn essential Anthroposophical concepts and integrate these into artistic practice.

· Use the artistic process therapeutically.

· Learn the medical foundations and Anthroposophical understanding of the human being.

· Develop knowledge and understanding of human development, biography, education, and psychology.

· Develop professional therapeutic measures and procedures.

· Develop professional behavior, conversation techniques, reflection, and supervision.

· Engage in personal development, lifelong learning, and further training.

· Understand the legal context of professional practice, professional status, ethics, and legalities.

· Be capable of own innovation and research.

*Requirements of iARTe accrediting body of the Goetheanum.

“The two streams, both the artistic as well as the medical one are based on Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual study of man. If a doctor wishes to find a true medicine for a particular patient he must look for the principles of origination of the substance in connection with the development of man’s being.

If color is to become medicine, the coming into being of color must be traced to its origins in the forces of darkness and light, again in connection with man’s being.”

Light, Darkness and Color in Painting Therapy by Liane Collot d’Herbois

From the foreword by Elisa Métrailler

Program Leaders

Pamela Whitman, M.A. received her B.S. from MIT, where she studied both science and humanities. She participated in the Light, Color and Darkness Painting Therapy  training in Holland and received her certification from the Medical  Section at the Goetheanum, while also completing her Master’s degree in Human Development. Her career and interests span the fields of science, art, spirituality,  consciousness, psychology, healing, and education, all of which she incorporates  as a therapist, international adult educator, and painter.

Ken  Smith is the Director of BACWTT. He studied at Emerson College, England, and completed his training in sculpture and the visual arts with practices in pedagogical and therapeutic work. After working in Waldorf education, he taught  as Course Leader of the 3-year Visual Arts and Sculpture Training program at Emerson  College. He has been active internationally in Anthroposophical art and Waldorf education for over 25 years.

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Daciana Iancu, MD has worked in hospitals, ICUs, hospice, nursing homes and primary care.  She has also studied acupuncture, Functional Medicine, Chi Nei Tsang, Reiki, and Energy and Intuitive Healing modalities. In 2014 Dr. Iancu discovered Anthroposophic Medicine, and in 2018 she started her own private practice where she can integrate all these modalities and practice in a slow, intimate setting to provide personalized care.

Dr. Carmen Hering, DO integrates Anthroposophic Medicine with Osteopathic and Family Medicine in her private practice in Albany, CA. She has served as adjunct faculty at Touro  University College of Osteopathic Medicine, serves as faculty for the International Physician Medical Training (IPMT) for Anthroposophic Medicine and teaches at the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training.

Tonya Stoddard, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a private practice in Sebastopol, CA. She provides individual prevention and treatment for adolescents and adults struggling with mental health concerns, relationship issues, chronic medical difficulties, addiction, trauma, and behavioral problems. Tonya is an Associate with the Association for Anthroposophic Psychology and is the AAP representative on the Board of Directors of the Anthroposophic Health Association in North America.

Dates: 2023-2024

Summer, two weeks in person: July 17-29, 2023

Online Saturday classes, 9am-3:30pm PT: August 26, September 23, October 21, November 18, and December 16, 2023; January 20, February 17, and March 16, 2024

Spring, one week in person: March 24-29, 2024

Cost: $5250 per year

The deadline for submitting an application is May 20, 2023.

For more Information, please contact: tiffany@bacwtt.org | (415) 479-4400 | www.bacwtt.org  

If you are ready to register, please fill out our secure online application below. Or if you prefer, use the link to download a PDF of the application to print at home. Once it is complete, please mail to:

The Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training
c/o Tiffany Lee
P.O. Box 21265
El Sobrante, CA 94820

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