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BACWTT Summer Program | Waldorf Teacher Rejuvenation Course, Grades 6-8

Updated: April 18, 2022

We hope you will join us this summer for a week-long course of professional development for Waldorf teachers with grades 6-8. This course will be held in-person at the Marin Waldorf School in San Rafael, CA. Register now with the link below.

Come together! Be creative!

Reflect and digest the past year and be inspired for the year ahead.

Discover the key elements of the curriculum that will guide you and your class along the next stage of the Waldorf journey.

This summer, we are focusing on how to meet the impact that two years of pandemic have had upon our children and communities, and how the Waldorf approach and curriculum can support the older child’s well-being and confidence. We are excited to have Paolo Carini as a keynote presenter, who will bring many years of experience teaching sciences in a lively and inspiring way. Paolo will guide us in carrying the development of the sciences in the upper grades, helping us hone our sense for leading students in precise observation and clear thinking—while retaining a wonder for the world and the inventiveness of humankind. Teaching science so that it creates an enlivening and concrete relationship to the world strengthens the pre-adolescent by instilling deep interest and love for the world, as well as providing vital tools for engaging in scientific inquiry.

During the week, we will dig deep to find the guiding thoughts and pedagogical principles underlying the curriculum that enable us to support the developing child in each grade.

As we strive to broaden the Waldorf curriculum to be more diverse, more connected to the land and Indigenous cultures, and evolve towards a more global perspective, we will be joined via Zoom by Roman Vizcarra, co-founder of the Waldorf-inspired Kusi Kawsay Andean School in Pisac, Peru, to share the wisdom of his Indigenous Andean culture .

Our very experienced faculty collaborates closely in order to provide a rich and diverse range of approaches to the curriculum. Each grade track will have lessons and gain insights from all of the faculty members. Each morning will begin with choir and eurythmy. 

Faculty: Paolo Carini, Kristine Deason, Ramona Budrys, Roman Vizcarra, and Ken Smith.

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