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Northern California Waldorf Teachers Conference 2020

Updated: May 9, 2020

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Please note that this conference is for Waldorf educators/staff only.Register Here


Please select one workshop per attendee. There is limited space in each workshop; availability is on a first come, first served basis.

Eurythmy with Renate Lundberg

What does grace mean? What is the connection to religion? Are we able through gesture and stance to express truly human values and inner nobility? Why did R. Steiner indicate that one of the graces should always be present during eurythmy classes?

Sculpture with Ken Smith

We will explore the astonishing idea that Steiner speaks about – that the child who learns to pray can later in old age be able to offer a blessing. Clay sculpture will help us to develop our thoughts and our capacity to support this wonderful metamorphosis.

An Ensouled Early Childhood with Diane David and Heidi Schwarzenbach

Who are these young children, these spiritual beings that we educate and care for in today’s world? What do they bring from the heavenly world? How can we ensoul their world and honor their capacities? Can we provide for them a foundation for their future spiritual lives?

Colored Windows with Margrit Haeberlin and Jeff Loubet

How do we foster a mood of reverence with light and color? We will explore the possibilities of layering tissue paper on plexiglass panels to allow the beauty of natural sunlight to shine through, uplifting and inviting us into the healing world of color.

Darkness and Light with Pamela Whitman

Working with light and darkness in charcoal, we can connect with our spiritually creative foundation, which gives us the possibility of encompassing the whole human being—spirit, soul and body. Recognizing and reclaiming our spiritual connection is essential to addressing the challenges of our time and provides practical support for self-transformation and healing.

Shaping the Word with Kristine Deason

Can we renew our feeling for the inner life of language? In this creative writing workshop, we will explore the inwardness and image building qualities of the word to be able to shape our own poems and verses for our children.

Additional Information:

Please note that this conference is for Waldorf educators/staff only.

Coffee, tea, and snack are provided each day. As lunch will not be available for purchase this year, please bring your own lunch or purchase one at a nearby store/cafe (about 5-10 minutes from campus by car). For more information about food options, directions to campus, and other useful information, please click here.

A daycare ($30 per child/per day) will be available through an 8th Grade student from Marin Waldorf School. If you are interested or would like more details, please contact Sarah van Brakel at sarah.e.vanbrakel@gmail.com before February 10, 2020.

All credit card orders will be processed through Eventbrite. If you prefer to pay by check/money order, please mail your payment, along with your 1) name, 2) email address, and 3) top TWO workshop choices in order of preference. We will make every effort to place you in your first choice workshop, but please note that availability is on a first come, first served basis. Your final workshop placement will be confirmed to you via email. Checks/money orders ($125 pp) should be made out to “BACWTT” and mailed to us at P.O. Box 21265 | El Sobrante, CA 94820.

For more information, please contact tiffany@bacwtt.org.


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