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Healing Through Art | Online Taster Day

Updated: May 17, 2022

For our new Anthroposophic Artistic Therapies Program with Pamela Whitman and Ken Smith.

Please join us for this Taster Day if you are interested in enrolling in the Healing Through Art program, so that you may experience our way of working and our approach to artistic therapies.


9am Welcome
9:15 Color Exercise with Pamela
11:00 Break
11:30 Clay Sculpture with Ken
12:30pm Review and Discussion
1pm Close

We will lead a guided color and a sculptural activity. After reflecting upon the sense impressions of the colors and forms, as well as upon the experience of the activity, we will work towards a picture of how this can address aspects of the human constitution and be led over into a healing process. There will be time for questions about the 3-year Healing Through Art program.

You will need to have the following materials on hand:
Pastels or colored pencils and good quality paper
Clay (approx. 1/4 bag or 5 pounds)
Board to sculpt on

Pamela Whitman, M.A., received her B.S. from MIT, where she studied both science and humanities. She studied Light, Color and Darkness Painting Therapy in Holland and received her certification from the Medical Section at the Goetheanum, while also completing her Master’s degree in Human Development. Her career and interests span the fields of science, art, spirituality, consciousness, psychology, healing and education, all of which she incorporates as a therapist, international adult educator, mentor and painter.

Kenneth Smith has been the Director of BACWTT since 2014. He is a Waldorf educator, program leader and artist. Ken attended the Foundation Year and the Visual Arts and Sculpture Course at Emerson College, England and after teaching in Waldorf schools in England, he returned to Emerson College as Course Leader of the Visual Arts and Sculpture Program. He works internationally to support and develop Waldorf education for contemporary society, and has built an eco house where he lived off the grid with his spouse and children for 7 years in New Zealand.

Cost: $30

This lecture will be presented via the Zoom platform. Registration is required.

For more information, please contact:

tiffany@bacwtt.org | (415) 479-4400 | www.bacwtt.org

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