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Gently Walking on Ancient Pathways

Updated: June 4, 2024

Gently Walking on Ancient Pathways

Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training in association with Peru Cultural Journeys and Kusi Kawsay Andean School

This journey into the Sacred Valley of Peru is a unique opportunity for those working in, or associated with, Waldorf education to authentically experience the essence of ancient Andean culture. This beautifully woven exploration into the Andean world through a native perspective combines visiting magnificent pre-Columbian archeological sites and profound cultural immersion events along with engagement with the founders, teachers, and children of Kusi Kawsay Andean School.

This experience is offered as part of an ongoing exchange, known as “tinkuy” in Quechua, be-tween BACWTT and Indigenous communities—sharing healthy, life affirming, and culturally supportive educational practices and receiving new values and insights for the future of Waldorf education.

Participants will have the unique opportunity to be guided into an authentic understanding of the ancient sacred sites by Roman Vizcarra, Indigenous guide, spokesperson, and co-founder of Kusi Kawsay, and to experience the living cultural wisdom that has been interwoven with Waldorf practices in Kusi Kawsay Andean School.

August 1-10, 2024
Cost: $2,650
(Includes accommodation, day trips, and meals. Does not include flights.)

For more information and to reserve, please contact: info@peruculturaljourneys.com

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