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Annual Appeal 2021-2022 | Building Renovation Fund

Updated: May 19, 2022

Dear Friends and Supporters of BACWTT,

Our fundraising approach this year will continue from our successful appeals last year. We will use the GoFundMe platform to run three appeals during the 2021-2022 school year, beginning with our Building Renovation fundraising drive this Fall. In the spring of 2022, we will run our Diversity Scholars Fund appeal to continue our goal of supporting African American students who would like to study with us to become Waldorf teachers. Later in 2022, we will conclude the year’s fundraising with our general Annual Appeal, which looks for your support in allowing our organization to stay healthy and to help us keep tuition costs down.

Kenneth Smith

Artist’s impression of the new porches and entrance.

Building Renovation Fund Update

Dear Friends,

Please consider making a contribution toward creating the new BACWTT space.

The renovation is progressing well and, day by day, the building is becoming more beautiful. We have moved beyond mere repair work and, with the installation of new larger windows and skylights, we can start to sense how enjoyable and productive it will be to inhabit this rejuvenated space.

We have a stack of beautiful, natural pine tongue and groove boards, sourced from the Sierras, that are waiting to go up on the ceiling. The sawmill owner, Rafael Schopfer, turns out to be a Waldorf graduate from Live Oak Waldorf School in Auburn, CA. We also have a large stack of redwood boards waiting to be made into all the external trim for the siding, windows and doors. Again, it was a pleasure to find a source of natural materials from someone with Waldorf connections — Rick Dawe’s daughter attended Sacramento Waldorf School and now his grandson attends a Waldorf school in New York.

A building is so much more than just an assembly of materials or the result of paid labor, and it is reassuring that we have been able to make good connections and experience goodwill as part of our construction process.

We are really fortunate to have Andy Lawrence and Brendan Mac Corgarry as our builders. They are completely committed to doing their best for us, both structurally and aesthetically, and for helping us get the most value for our fundraised dollars. As well as being knowledgeable and able to tackle all of the practical aspects of the work, they are invested in making the space healthy, breathable and energy efficient with the use of natural and nontoxic materials, and for thinking outside of the box to ensure good insulation, airflow and future-proofing against damp and mold. They are looking forward to when we can start finishing the inside with the natural lime and clay plaster wall finishes.

Thanks to a number of generous donations we have now raised $90,500. 

If you haven’t made a contribution yet, please consider supporting this important development for BACWTT.

Our goal is to fundraise $100,000.

For 21 years, the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training has successfully provided a thorough and transformative 3-year Waldorf teacher training program. Graduates of BACWTT hold teaching positions and positions of responsibility in most, if not all, of our local Waldorf schools.

We provide an important center in the San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to Anthroposophic adult education and the cultivation of the Waldorf movement in contemporary society. In collaboration with the Wildcat Canyon Community School, we are creating a beautiful and healthy space that will allow BACWTT to continue to grow and further BACWTT’s ability to provide a center for Anthroposophic adult education activities in Northern California.

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