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Annual Appeal 2022-2023

Updated: November 30, 2022

We hope you will consider supporting BACWTT with a tax-deductible donation. When you give to BACWTT, you have a direct and lasting impact, providing revenue in key areas that tuition alone cannot support. 

Annual Appeal 2022-2023

Dear Friends,

At BACWTT, we are fully committed to helping adults develop the capacities needed to meet the future of Waldorf education. The Waldorf teachers of the future will need to be people of will and creativity, eager to meet new challenges, interested in taking up new tasks, and able to shape the curriculum to meet what is in front of them – the children, their families, and the social needs and conditions of their time and place. The BACWTT journey supports the forging of strong capacities in service of creating teachers who can stand before the young with clarity, self-knowledge, and artistic insight. It is a rigorous journey that needs time so that students can truly encounter themselves and each other as they engage with the foundations of Waldorf education and the diverse possibilities for its practical application.
Over three years, BACWTT students show up and work, in-person, weekend after weekend, and again for four weeks each summer. By choosing BACWTT, they have chosen a path of activity and regular, engaged commitment, not one of ease or convenience. We believe the inner resolve that is activated when a student takes up and completes our program is an essential part of forming the will of teachers who can carry the work of Waldorf schools, especially in changing and challenging times.
Please help us support our students on this journey. The Bay Area is an expensive place to live; many students juggle family life and work many jobs to make ends meet as they complete their studies; some drive long distances to complete their Waldorf teacher preparation specifically with BACWTT.  Our commitment to meet their earnest engagement with an outstanding program has never wavered.  Your support can help us fulfill that promise.

Kristine Deason, Pedagogical Director

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