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Jennifer Aguirre

Updated: July 18, 2019

Not Currently Teaching
Jennifer Aguirre, has been exploring the puppetry arts nearly her whole life; the seed planted at age four when she saw her first puppet show performed by older children within her neighborhood. At age 12 she wrote, designed and directed her own puppet production enlisting the performance help of childhood friends. Her interest in puppet making continued throughout her high school years into her early 20s and later blossomed when she had children of her own and discovered Waldorf Education and saw her first Waldorf puppet show.  Inspired, Jennifer started creating puppet shows for her two young children and was soon asked to perform for her children’s Waldorf kindergartens and the school’s festival life, as well as being enlisted to perform for the local public schools through the Arts Council. She has worked and trained with puppeteer Suzanne Down since 1993 and puppeteer Janene Ping since 2000, teaching puppetry at RSC and CFA’s Renewal as well as attending extensive Waldorf education and Anthroposophical conferences throughout the years.  In September of 1998, Jennifer began to develop and teach a 1st through 8th grade puppetry curriculum program at the Sierra Waldorf School which she continues to deepen in a full time capacity to this day and where she performs on a regular basis for the kindergartens as the school’s resident puppeteer. In addition, Jennifer performs her 8 themed puppet pocket story aprons in a variety of public venues in the summer months.
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