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Pamela Whitman

Updated: July 18, 2019

Not Currently Teaching
Pamela Whitman received her B.S. from MIT, where she studied both science and humanities. She has always sought ways to integrate these perspectives, and her work has spanned both fields, including helping to found a Waldorf School. Through Waldorf education she discovered anthroposophy, which eventually led her to her true vocation in the pioneering work of Liane Collot d’Herbois. She participated in the second international training in Light, Color and Darkness Painting Therapy in Holland and completed her requirements as a Painting Therapist as part of her Masters degree program in Human Development. She received her certification from the Medical Section at the Goetheanum. Her career and interests span the fields of science, art, spirituality, consciousness, psychology, healing and education, all of which she incorporates as a therapist, international adult educator and painter.
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