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Kristine Deason

Updated: July 18, 2019

Kristine Arrigona Deason grew up in France and Germany. She has an M.A. in French Studies from the University of Brussels, an M.A. in Literature from BYU, and a California High School Teaching Credential from Mills College. She taught at the university level, then worked for IBM for ten years as a technical writer and programmer before returning to teaching. She received her Waldorf teaching certificate from the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training in 2004 and has been a class teacher at the Marin Waldorf School ever since. She taught a class from first through eighth grade, graduated them in 2012, and currently teaches Fifth Grade. In the teacher training, Kristine teaches The Kingdom of Childhood, The Child’s Journey through the Grades including Chalkboard Drawing, and Study of Man. She will also oversee the Second Year Practicum Preparation and directs the choir for the Bay Area Center for Teacher Training.

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