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Gail Weger

Updated: July 18, 2019

Gail Weger began her work in Waldorf education in 1994 through a home preschool she created out of a need in her children’s community. She went on to take her first class at the Live Oak Waldorf School from first through fifth grade, and her second class from first through graduation. She is currently teaching Seventh Grade at the Marin Waldorf School, where she has been for the last four years.

Gail has been a mentor and teacher of teachers since 2001, in the Midwest, Bay Area, and through Rudolf Steiner College and BACWTT; and served as the Pedagogical Chair at the East Bay Waldorf School in 2013-14. Gail is a practicing artist and holds a BFA in Printmaking and Art History. She is, as well, an avid follower of biodynamic and permaculture practices, and explorer of the natural wonders of California. She has three grown Waldorf-educated daughters, a wonderful husband, Mathias, and has just begun a long career as a grandmother.

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