Teacher Training Faculty

The Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training faculty are Bay Area Waldorf School teachers and musicians, as well as artists and teachers from around the world who join the annual Summer Session.

“I have always appreciated the strong foundation provided at the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training and especially the superb quality of my instructors there.

- Giulietta Garland, Class of ’05, 3rd Grade Class Teacher at Monterey Bay Waldorf Charter School

Director of the Bay Area Center of Waldorf Teacher Training

  • D7A6391

    Ken Smith | DirectorKen has strong and substantive international experience as a Waldorf educator, educational program developer, and artist. He is dedicated to the anthroposophical principles underlying Waldorf education, to the strenthening of Waldorf education, and to the importance of artistic practices in educating the whole human being. Ken began his working life in New Zealand, training in horticulture and landscape design. Then, following a period of world travel, he attended the Foundation Year at Emerson College in England in 1988-1989. This started him on a path of artistic training, and he graduated from the Sculpture Course at Emerson College in 1993. After teaching in Waldorf schools in England, he returned to Emerson College to be Course Leader of the Visual Arts and Sculpture Course for 8 years, until 2007. Since then he has been active internationally teaching at Waldorf schools, adult education programs, and conferences in Europe, North America, New Zealand and Asia. In the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training, he teaches numerous courses in the weekend program, and Art History and Sculpture in the summer.  

Assistant Director of the Bay Area Center of Waldorf Teacher Training

  • Dave-2013

    Dave Alsop | Assistant DirectorDave has a B.A. in Psychology from California State University at Sacramento. In 1974, upon completion of the Waldorf Teacher Training program at Emerson College in England, he began his Waldorf career as a class teacher at the Sacramento Waldorf School. In 1988 he became Development Director of the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA). Shortly thereafter, in 1990, Dave became the Chairman of AWSNA (the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America), and he served in that capacity for eleven years. In 2002, he joined the Rudolf Steiner Foundation as its Director of Community Relations and Business Development. He joined the staff at San Francisco Waldorf School in May of 2004 as Development Director, and was named Head of Administration in 2008. He was deeply inspired at Emerson College to take up social and organizational issues. In addition to working on many administrative duties, Dave teaches the Threefold Nature of Social Life and Philosophy of Freedom. He is Third Year Project Mentor.

Early Childhood Director of the Bay Area Center of Waldorf Teacher Training

  • Diane-2013

    Diane David | Early Childhood DirectorDiane David received her B.A. in dramatic art from U.C. Davis and completed her kindergarten training at the San Francisco Waldorf Teacher Training of Rudolf Steiner College under Dorit Winter. Diane, a mother of six children herself, has been a kindergarten teacher at the San Francisco Waldorf School since 1988. She is a Northern California co-representative for the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN) and a founding member of the Magic Lantern Marionette Theatre. She teaches Pedagogical Studies and Practicum Preparation classes in the early childhood track.

Faculty of the Bay Area Center of Waldorf Teacher Training

  • mb2010

    Mary BarhydtMary grew up with seven siblings in the small town of Hannibal, Missouri.  She earned a degree in Music Education and Music Therapy and graduated from the San Francisco Waldorf Teacher Training Program of Rudolf Steiner College under Dorit Winter in 1996.  The mother of two daughters who attended Waldorf schools from Nursery through High School, Mary has taught at the San Francisco Waldorf School since 1995 as a Music teacher and Class teacher.  She teaches First Year students as they explore The Kingdom of Childhood and prepare for their classroom observations.

  • WBaschkopf2012

    Wendy BaschkopfWendy received her B. A. from San Francisco State University in 1999.  That same year she completed her Waldorf teacher training with the San Francisco Waldorf Teacher Training of Rudolf Steiner College under Dorit Winter.  She has taken a class from first through eighth grade and worked for a year in the Kindergarten, and is currently teaching Handwork and several main lessons in grades 6,7, and 8 at the San Francisco Waldorf School.  Wendy is on the Board and teaches Pedagogical Studies.

  • Tom-2013

    Tom BickleyTom Bickley grew up in Houston, sojourned in Washington, DC (studying music, religion, and information science) and came to California as a composer in residence at Mills College. He is on the library faculty at CSU East Bay, and has taught for the San Francisco Early Music Society. He plays with Gusty Winds May Exist, Three Trapped Tigers, and directs the Cornelius Cardew Choir. His work is available on CD at Quarterstick and Metatron Press. Tom teaches the advanced recorder class.

  • christiaan_boele

    Christiaan Boele Christiaan Boele was born in the Netherlands in 1956. He attended a Waldorf school. After pursuing professional trumpet and voice studies, he devoted himself to Werbeck Singing, which is based on voice principles and practices stemming from the indications of Rudolf Steiner. Christiaan began offering courses in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and Finland. He currently conducts master classes, workshops and courses in Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada and the United States. He continues to perform as a soloist and also directs a performance ensemble. He teaches music and leads the summer choir.

  • paolo_carini

    Paolo Carini Paolo Carini, has been a high school science teacher at the San Francisco Waldorf High School since 1997. His subjects include mathematics, physics, astronomy, and chemistry. He received his Ph.D. from Stanford University, CA in 1995. He graduated from the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training in 2002. Paolo teaches upper elementary school science curriculum.

  • Cindy-2013

    Cindy ChungCindy Chung, a native of Taiwan, began her piano studies at the age of seven.  After moving to California five years later, she continued to steadily progress in her keyboard career and completed her Master’s degree with UCLA Professor Walter Ponce.  Chung has won several scholarships, including those of the Redlands Organ Festival and UCLA Gluck Performance Scholarship.  Chung maintains a busy schedule as a recitalist, teacher, and collaborator.  Cindy is our accompanist for choir and eurythmy.

  • Kristine-2013

    Kristine DeasonKristine Arrigona Deason grew up in France and Germany.  She has an M.A. in French Studies from the University of Brussels, an M.A. in Literature from BYU, and a High School Teaching Credential from Mills College.  She taught at the university level, then worked for IBM for ten years as a technical writer and programmer before returning to teaching.  She received her Waldorf teaching certificate from the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training in 2004 and has been a class teacher at the Marin Waldorf School ever since.  She taught a class from first through eighth grade, graduated them in 2012, and currently teaches First Grade. This year, Kristine will teach Chalkboard Drawing, Pedagogical Studies, and Study of Man.  She will also direct the choir for the Bay Area Center for Teacher Training.

  • Sibylle-2013

    Sibylle EichstaedtSibylle Eichstaedt works internationally as a free-lance speech artist and teacher. She has an M.A. in English from Bochum University, Germany, and graduated from the Speech School at Peredur Centre for the Arts, Sussex, UK, in 1989. She teaches speech in the Summer Session, and has been doing so since 1996.

  • douglas_gerwin3s

    Douglas GerwinDouglas Gerwin is Director of the Center for Anthroposophy in Wilton, NH, as well as Co-Director of the Research Institute for Waldorf Education. A Waldorf graduate himself, he received his Ph.D. in Psychology and Literature from the University of Dallas, in 1984. As a high school teacher he has taught history, literature, German, music and life science. He works as a mentor to Waldorf high schools throughout the United States. Douglas teaches Faust, History Through Music, and a weekend on adolescence.

  • paul_gierlach

    Paul GierlachPaul Gierlach has worked in Waldorf schools since 1979. He has undergraduate and graduate degrees from St. Vincent's College and York University, respectively, and completed his Waldorf teacher training at the Waldorf Institute of Mercy College in Detroit. He was a class teacher and high school humanities teacher for most of his career. Having recently retired from full-time high school teaching, he teaches main lessons in different schools throughout the US, mentors teachers, and advises faculties and schools on the use of the Waldorf curriculum to teach students with a wide variety of learning styles. Paul teachers our block on Parzival.

  • Vasilica-2

    Vasilica HallA native Romanian, Vasilica received her eurythmy diploma from Akademie fur Eurythmische Kunst, in Dornach, Switzerland, followed by a post graduate diploma from the Eurythmy School Spring Valley. From 2001-2007 she taught eurythmy in grades 5-12 at  Garden City Waldorf School, Long Island, NY. In the teacher training, she teaches weekend eurythmy classes in all 3 years.

  • Maria-2013

    Maria Helland-HansenMaria Helland-Hansen, born in Norway, received her eurythmy diploma in Sweden in 1985 and has been active as a eurythmist since then. After completing her therapeutic eurythmy training in Dornach, Switzerland in 1993, she moved to San Francisco and became a therapeutic eurythmist and eurythmy teacher at the San Francisco Waldorf School. She also has a private practice and provides therapeutic eurythmy to children in the Mulberry Classroom, and lately to children in Tridhaksa Waldorf School in Bangkok during the summers. In the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training she introduces therapeutic ways of working and understanding the child.

  • philip_incao_09

    Philip IncaoDr. Philip Incao received his M.D. in 1966, spent two years in Europe studying anthroposophical medicine, and was one of the first practitioners of anthroposophic medicine in the U.S. He had a busy family practice in upstate New York in a Waldorf school-and biodynamic farming community for 23 years, until 1996. He then moved to Denver to help the growth of anthroposophic medicine in the west. He founded and practiced at the Gilpin Street Holistic Center in Denver until August 2006, when he moved to Crestone, Colorado where he continues to practice part-time in his home. He teaches the foundations of anthroposophically extended medicine.

  • Laurence

    Laurence JaquetLaurence Jaquet grew up in Paris and Switzerland where she received her degree in architecture from the Swiss Institute of Technology in 1985. She moved to New York in 1987, and settled in San Francisco eight years later. There she raised her family, enrolling her children at the San Francisco Waldorf school and joining the training herself. An assistant in Monique's Kindergarten for five years, she then took a first grade that graduated in 2012. Since then, she has been traveling and teaching in the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training. She teaches The Study of Man and Pedagogical Studies . Laurence became the fifth grade class teacher at San Francisco Waldorf School in January 2013, and is now teaching sixth grade.

  • Jennifer-SK-2013

    Jennifer KingJennifer King has studied recorder since 1982. She taught at the San Francisco Waldorf Teacher Training of Rudolf Steiner College under Dorit Winter. She is a member of Tonal Havoc Recorder Consort and is the founding member of the San Francisco chapter of the National Recorder Society. Jennifer teaches intermediate recorder.

  • Deborah

    Deborah Krikorian

    Deborah Krikorian completed the San Francisco Waldorf Teacher Training under the direction of Dorit Winter in 1996, and has been a class teacher ever since. She took a class from first through eighth grade at the East Bay Waldorf School and two classes fifth through eighth grade at the San Francisco Waldorf School. She is now with the sixth grade at the Marin Waldorf School. She has degrees in Music from UC Berkelely and an MBA in Finance at Cal State Hayward. Deborah has taught curriculum studies, Man as Symphony of the Creative Word and Kingdom of Childhood, alumni courses and summer workshops and will work with students regarding their practicum experience.

  • patrick_marooney_09

    Patrick MarooneyPatrick Marooney met Waldorf education in 1974 when he became a board member of a new school in Colorado. He trained at Rudolf Steiner College and then became a class teacher at the Eugene Waldorf School, 1984-1992. He was the woodwork teacher at Eugene Waldorf School for 23 years, and for the past 19 years has been a faculty member of the Eugene Waldorf Teacher Education program. There, he teaches Philosophy of Freedom, Biography, Metamorphosis in Clay, Woodcarving, Form Drawing, Science seminars, and Geometry. For the Bay Area Center, he teaches Geometry, Form Drawing, and Chemistry.

  • glenda_monasch_09

    Glenda MonaschGlenda grew up in South Africa, surrounded by the songs and rhythmic dances of the indigenous cultures. She trained in Europe, and has extensive experience in all aspects of performance, pedagogical and therapeutic eurythmy. She is a resident trainer in the international post graduate medical training (IPMT), resident artist, and is a co-director and eurythmy trainer of Sound Circle Eurythmy Training in Boulder CO. She is in private therapeutic eurythmy practice and teaches at Shining Mountain Waldorf School. In the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training, she teaches Eurythmy in the summer session.

  • BACWTTportraits044

    Coeli PolanskyCoeli Polanksy is a Waldorf school graduate, and she graduated from the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training program in 2013. She has a BA in Theatre Arts from Santa Clara University.  Coeli teaches beginning recorder.

  • Peggy-2013

    Peggy RockPeggy Rock has a BS in secondary education with a major in speech and music from the University of Illinois. She completed the San Francisco Waldorf Teacher Training under the direction of Dorit Winter in 1995. She has been a kindergarten teacher for 21 years and currently teaches at the Greenwood School. Peggy is one of our Early Childhood specialists, and works with the Practicum Preparation class and Pedagogical Studies.

  • JSchmitt2012

    Jennifer SchmittJennifer Schmitt is a naturopathic doctor with a family practice specializing in anthroposophic medicine and therapies. Her practice is based in the East Bay. She serves on the boards of the Society for Physicians of Anthroposophic Naturopathy and the East Bay Waldorf School. Jennifer studied pre-med at St. Edward’s University in Austin and received her BS in biology from Marymount Manhattan College in New York. She received her doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle. Jennifer and her husband Brian Gannon live in Richmond with their two sons. In the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training, she teaches Anthroposophy in Action.

  • oliver-steinrueck-10

    Oliver SteinrueckOliver Steinrueck was born in Toronto, grew up in a Camphill Village in Copake, N.Y., graduated from a Waldorf high-school and received a Master's Degree in history. In 1989 Oliver entered the seminary in Stuttgart and went on to work in congregations in Freiburg, Germany, Chicago and San Francisco. Currently he is working in the congregation in Spring Valley, NY, as well as teaching and at the Seminary there. His topic in the teacher training is: the difference between prayer and meditation.

  • Eleanor-WInship

    Eleanor WinshipEleanor Winship, a longstanding K-12 Waldorf music teacher, is a graduate of the Garden City Waldorf School and Oberlin Conservatory, where she studied violin, voice, conducting, and music pedagogy. Eleanor was trained extensively in Werbeck singing by Werbeck's pupil Jurgen Schriefer and studied anthroposophical singing therapy with Thomas Adam. Besides mentoring and evaluating Waldorf school music programs, Eleanor has given numerous music workshops and courses at anthroposophical and Waldorf conferences, colleges, and training centers across several continents.

  • Adjunct Faculty Members for 2013-2014Adjunct Faculty Members are teachers in Waldorf Schools who have welcomed our students into their classrooms for practicums.

      • Elke Berger- East Bay Waldorf School - Fourth Grade
      • Jeff Loubet - East Bay Waldorf School - Third Grade
      • Pamela Harris - East Bay Waldorf School - Second Grade
      • Melinda Martin - Marin Waldorf School - Kindergarten
      • Dan MacKinnon - Marin Waldorf School - Kindergarten
      • Stephanie Felton-Priestner - Marin Waldorf School - Fourth Grade
      • Meg Weber - Marin Waldorf School - Second Grade Grade
      • Thalia Beam - Summerfield Waldorf School - Kindergarten
      • Tim Allen - Summerfield Waldorf School - Second Grade
      • Diane David - San Francisco Waldorf School - Kindergarten
      • Dagmar Eisele - San Francisco Waldorf School - Kindergarten
      • Corinne Fendell - San Francisco Waldorf School - Fifth Grade
      • Laurence Jaquet - San Francisco Waldorf School - Sixth Grade
      • Tamar Resnick - San Francisco Waldorf School - Seventh Grade
      • Ramona Budrys - Waldorf School of the Peninsula - Third Grade
      • Ginger Robin - Sierra Waldorf School - Fourth Grade
      • Julie Orth - Sierra Waldorf School - Spanish
      • Carol Westin-Crich - Sierra Waldorf School - Spanish
      • Mia Michaels - Monterey Bay Charter School - Kindergarten

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