From the Classrooms

After arriving back from the Christmas Holidays, the students are fully engaged with a number of courses and activities. All school Choir, taught by Kristine Deason, will begin each Friday evening for the remainder of the school year. In the First Year, Dave Alsop (Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training Assistant Director) has just completed the five-week course on The Philosophy of Freedom.  First Year students are now engaged in The Kingdom of Childhood with Kristine Deason. Second Year students began Karma and Reincarnation with Dorit Winter after Christmas, and will continue that course until mid-February. They also had one weekend with Rev. Oliver Steinrueck on the topic of Meditation and Prayer just last weekend. First Year students are now working with the primary colors as archetypes in Painting with Dorit, and Second Year students are doing Movement and Games with Donni O’Ryan (Marin Waldorf School). Third Year students have been hard at work with special guest teacher, Christof Wiechert (Pedagogical Section, Switzerland), on the Study of Man as well as Pedagogical Studies/Child Study. Between weekends with us, Christof visited five regional Waldorf schools where he advised and mentored the schools on board, faculty, College, administrative, and student issues. Finally, the Third Year students have also been researching their Third Year Projects, which will be presented to the community on March 1st and 2nd.

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