Annual Appeal

Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training 2014-2015 Annual Appeal

Thank you for considering a tax-deductible donation to the Annual Appeal. Your support is deeply appreciated.

From the Annual Appeal letter:

We are very pleased to report that we have successfully completed our Director transition – Dorit is enjoying a much deserved break in Wales, and Ken Smith has just arrived and is busy preparing for the start of the school year on October 3rd. At this writing, our enrollment is slightly better than last year at 40 overall, up from 38 last year, including 14 new first year students. This summer we graduated 10 newly-minted Waldorf teachers from the program!

While we have much to be grateful for, we do have fiscal challenges. Like every other non-profit, we rely upon those who understand and support our mission to make tax-deductible donations to help bridge the gap between income and expenses. That is why you are receiving this request to join us as a donor to the Annual Appeal.

Affordability is a major factor for students as they enter and progress through the teacher training – that is why we are making tuition assistance and financial aid the focus of our Annual Appeal again this year. A combination of Annual Appeal contributions and grants from mission aligned foundations make it possible for us to offer financial support to students who are not able to pay full tuition – this year, 34 of our students are receiving financial aid totaling $72,200. In addition, we help students afford the program by deferring payments until after graduation – this year, we are deferring about $75,000. Payments from past students that are due in the current fiscal year amount to about $23,000.

Each year we turn to our extended community to raise enough gift money to enable us to make it financially possible for students to enroll in the program. This year, we will need to secure $117,500 in gift money from two sources – $37,500 from the Annual Appeal, and $80,000 from grants. Last year, we met our goal for grants but fell short on the Annual Appeal by about $10,000 – your support is even more important this year!

The Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training has, under Dorit Winter’s leadership, established itself as a vital and successful program for the preparation of the next generation of Waldorf teachers. We are excited and confident that under Ken’s leadership we will continue to provide an excellent program of personal and professional growth and development for these new Waldorf teachers. Please help us to do that by making your contribution today.

Thank you!

Kate Kristensen, President, Board of Trustees
Ken Smith, Director
Dave Alsop, Assistant Director

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