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Selected articles are reposted here from all previous issues of “Golden Gate,” Newsletter by and for the students of the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training.

GG cover 12

2013 Golden Gate Newsletter, No. 12

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2012 Golden Gate Newsletter, No. 11

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GG cover 2011

2011 Golden Gate Newsletter, No. 10

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2010 Golden Gate Newsletter, No. 9

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2009 Golden Gate Newsletter, No. 8

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2007 Golden Gate Newsletter, No. 7

Bridging the Gapby Clint Marsh

A Study of ‘Education for Adolescents’by Gifford Teeple

The Four Temperamentsby A. Lockwood, K. Roggeveen, J. Rimmer, W. Frans

Morphological Thinkingby Evangeline Wolfe

The Wisdom of the Slothby Greg Tompkins

The Road to Teacher Trainingby S.Robinson, W. Holder, J. Tannheimer

On Being Third Yearby Robin Masciocchi

Binary Being Symposiumby Afshin Jalalian

The Art of Teaching, Teaching as an Artby Lisa Sargent and Wendy Baschkopf


2006 Golden Gate Newsletter, No. 6

Summer Session Satireby Clint Marsh

The Road to the Teacher Training – 1by Naoko Miura-Brandt

The Road to the Teacher Training – 2by Carlyn Schienfeld

Questionsby Nicole Krauch

The Director’s Activities(by independent contributors)

Slaying the Dragon of My Practicumby Gifford Teeple

Supported by Anthroposophyby Sophia Van der Harst

Study of Manby Carla Schaareman

The Dark and Light of Third Gradeby Laura Young

The Tricky Triangle: Children, Parents, and Teachersby Dorit Winter

2005 Golden Gate Newsletter, No. 5

Steeling the Spiritby Dorit Winter

Regaining Our Humanityby Sheila Foster

Observing Helgaby Julie Batsel

First Year in Retrospectby Sophia van der Harst

Understanding the Mysteries of Faustby Douglas Gerwin

Faust: No Small Task!by Cynthia Sedey

Building Perspective in the Seventh Gradeby Nicole Krauch

A Year Full of Changesby Diane Aurelius

It’s the Children, Of Course…by Diane David


2004 Golden Gate Newsletter, No. 4

Our First Three Yearsby Chris Lind-White

Just Take a Lump of Clayby Lisa Sargent

Good Morning Mr. Mentorby Peter Mentor

A Picture for Michaelmasby Paul Gierlach

Reflections upon Man as Symphony of the Creative Wordby Nina Churchill

An Interview with Office Coordinator Sej Jorgensenby Cindy Sedey

The Journey of Transformationby Lisa Braden


2003 Golden Gate Newsletter, No. 3

From Making Believe to Making Senseby Dorit Winter

Three Years in Reflectionby Students of Classes of 2004/5/6

Shackleton in the Curriculumby Deborah Krikorian

Discovering Michaelmasby Michael Ro

Saying ‘Yes’by Yancy Yesovitch

Santa Cruz Arts Festival, 2003by Laura Young


2002 Golden Gate Newsletter, No. 2

I Have Traveled a Long Roadby Michael Seifert

A Christmas Addressby Dorit Winter

Karma and Reincarnationby C. Margetic, L. Burger, X. Sierra, and M. Ro

In the Face of Nothingnessby Todd Krake

The Teacher as Artistby Maribeth Lockhart

The Will at Workby Amanda San Fillipo

Circle Time in Nursery Schoolby Amy Van der Wyck


2001 Golden Gate Newsletter, No. 1

Gala Celebrationby Paolo Carini

In the Face of Current Eventsby Amy Van der Wyck

At the Bus Stopby Carmen Maciarello

Frequent Flyersby Robin Theiss

Activity of the Willby Lauren Burger

Courage to be a Class Teacherby Meg Weber-Gil

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