The Teacher Training course takes place at the East Bay Waldorf School during the Weekend Session between September and May

And at the Marin Waldorf School during the Summer session between Mid-June and Mid-July.

East Bay Waldorf School
3800 Clark Rd.
El Sobrante, CA 94803

The East Bay Waldorf School is situated on a beautiful 11-acre campus on the edge of Wildcat Canyon in the East Bay hills near San Francisco. A public footpath into the hills provides walkers access to breathtaking views of the city and the Bay. The town of Berkeley is within easy driving distance.

Marin Waldorf School
755 Idylberry Road
San Rafael, California 94903

Nestled among California’s golden hills, our students enjoy an expansive 11-acre campus located in the Marinwood neighborhood of San Rafael. Playing fields, biodynamic gardens, three playgrounds, as well as our treasured heritage Oak trees and Redwood groves provide the children with the fresh air and space they need to thrive. Our campus and proximity to Marin County Open Space also provides an excellent outdoor classroom for our Environment Education Program and weekly on foot excursions.